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Healthy life with pets at home

Keeping animals at home has become individual lifestyle. Pets can be a friend to play, guard houses, and so on. Sharing space with pets, of course, not be separated from a variety of problems. But with preparation and enough attention, you can still live harmoniously accompanied pets.

The following tips  give your a comfortable and healthy life with pets at home.

1. Use a durable fabric
Choose a durable, soft cloth, such as synthetic, and easy to clean. Should select fabrics with thick materials such as twill, denim, satin, and poplin, which is resistant to scratches and water. “Microfiber, micro-suede, and ultra-suede is the best fabric for dog owners. They stain resistant, soil, water, and smell, but still look fabulous,” said Diamond.

2. Choose dark colored furniture and patterned
If you have pets, do not choose a white couch or chair. Washable sofa could be an option because it is more flexible. We recommend that you choose a sofa with dark shades, textures, and patterns to distract from the mess created by pets.

“The pattern can hide fur than dark colors,” said Diamond. He recommends that you consider a stripe pattern or paisley print. Each design will make no visible fur.

This pattern may not make your home look stylish. Diamond suggested that using the press as a patina leather (upper layer) so that the sofa looks better. Moreover, the pattern of coherent texture is also effective.

3. Friendly flooring for pets
Hard surfaces much easier to clean and durable rather than using carpet, which is usually attached fur and pet odors.

For the whole story, you should focus on the material of wood, tile, and laminate. However, you should still be careful as most susceptible to damage wood. “Choose the hardwood as resistant to scratching nails animals,” said Diamond.

4. Keep your house does not smell
Pet odor in the house can be removed with air freshener, floor cleaner, and more. But unfortunately, the smell in the carpet and furniture can not just disappear. We recommend that you send the carpet to be laundry. Or use a service wash sofa.

5. Create boundaries
Create a special dining area for pets that create boundaries between you and them. In addition, it allows the pet does not steal your food.