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Places to Stay When Home Renovations Are Underway

When it comes to home renovation, there are two types of people. The first are those who like to get involved in their home renovation or remodeling. These people will often live in the home during the renovation so they can help out as much as possible.

Of course, then there is the rest of us. The majority of people who would prefer to get out of the professional’s way and let leave them to it.

As good as it sounds, however, the only real option which seems to come up is to stay at your Mother-in-Law’s house. Until this article.

Just a Small Renovation with a Few Fixes Here Are There

If your renovation isn’t likely to take longer than around three days, give camping a try. Pack a tent and some gourmet food and head into nature for a bit of rest while your home is renewed. While your children may not like the fact that they don’t have ready access to the internet, they will soon grow tired of complaining and appreciate the serenity which comes with camping in the outdoors.

Of course, try to stay at a campsite somewhat close to your home, in the event that you need to attend your property for an emergency.

There Was Serious Water Damage, and We Have to Leave for Around a Month

While you might not think it can happen to you, water damage can happen in any home. And when it does, it often takes a while to repair.

If you are dealing with water damage restoration in your home, our advice is to head to a motel. However, before you exclaim about the price, look through online discount sites to find monthly deals on hotel stays. If you are used to taking advantage of the deals on sites like the Groupon Coupons page for Ray Ban, then you are already on the right track to save money on your hotel stay.

So…There Was a Slight Accident in the Kitchen…and Now We Don’t Have One

Oh, dear. When this happens, it’s almost always going to end up in a stay for a number of months while your home is cleaned, repaired, and then checked to make sure that it is safe for you and your family to return to. This is a process which you do not want to rush.

Instead of heading to your folks’, a short term rental is going to be your best bet. Check online sites like Airbnb which allows property owners to rent out their entire homes for prices much lower than would be required to pay through a rental agency. Alternatively, speak with local rental agencies and gauge their pricing.

Whatever the duration of your stay, instead of going straight to your parents, or even worse, your in-laws, take the opportunity to have a small family adventure. It is opportunities like this which can give families a good chance to bond, so enjoy the time together and be relaxed and ready to return to your newly remodeled home.